Are you tired of how life looks, feels and is being experienced?

If you have heard of the red pill/blue pill philosophy then you are aware of the possibility of finding a way to escape from the 'matrix'.  Even if for a few moments to see a different perspective to what we call life. There are many different ways to experience this and no two ways are the same for everyone. We may find ourselves drawn to learn... a 'knowing' that there is more. If this resonates with you, there could be a simple option to experience a disconnect from what we believe reality to be. It is much simpler than you could have imagined.  

  Once you are able to understand the rules of the game, it allows you to play on a different level. Not being the participant is enough. We want to be able to direct and consciously create our life instead of reacting to it. The answers are as easy as reading the instructions. The manual is quantum physics.

  I was guided to the following healing process to help us all disconnect from what we perceive as the matrix.  We are limited to what we can create by our unconscious programs. These programs are what we took on as our truth through our unique experiences and emotions that we felt.  It is similar to a computer that can not run a program that it doesn't have.  For an example, if you do not have the programs to be able to understand a foreign language you can never create it or understand it if it's in your field.  Imagine if you do not have the program that understands Unconditional Love and what that feels like?  It could be right in your face and you would not be able to recognize it. 

  So I began the journey to remove all unconscious programs that are limiting our ability to manifest within our holographic existence.  By releasing limiting beliefs it opens up the potential for our Higher Self to be the source of what we want to manifest in our lives.  When limiting programs are removed we have complete access to the All That Is and can use that source of knowledge and emotions to create what we want.

  I have developed a healing process that has been dubbed "The fRed Pill".  It is a process that involves a series of steps that will help remove programs that are no longer serving you and will allow you to experience your existence from the observer perspective.  When you are the observer and not the belief that we are trapped within the confines and programs of these physical bodies, you experience the truth of what life is.  It allows you to see the balance of love/fear in all things.  Only when we have a choice between love or fear do we truly have free-will.  If your programs are primarily fear based, you will only have fear to choose or to choose nothing which buries your fears.  The fears will always find a way to get your attention through your manifestations.  It is trying to get your attention so you can love that situation which will provide balance and the love/fear option for further manifestations.  If you only have fear to choose, it is not free will.

 Here are the steps that I and many others have experienced while receiving The fRed Pill: 

-Removing the belief of "I am (your name)" is the keystone of our existence and is the first step in the process of shifting the perspective of what we believe to be our truth.  We are not these physical bodies, we are an infinite unconditionally loving soul that is observing the life of the physical bodies that are called by a birth name. 

-The next step would be to remove all other beliefs that are no longer serving us. Removing the "I am____" belief allows us to release many other karmic beliefs that are no longer needed if we are not truly these physical bodies. 

-Then all attachments to love and fear will be released.  Any attachment is like an anchor that binds us to a past experience and prevents us from manifesting the absolute best that could be created when in the moment. If you're bound to a past loving experience, it prevents you from creating an experience in the moment that could be 1000x better than the original.

-The last step in the process would be to the do all the steps discussed already for ALL of your incarnations.  This is the bigger picture perspective that will free your Soul from all your incarnations and allows your Soul to be truly free!!! 

-After I witness these steps for your soul, I complete the healing process by adjusting the limbic (fight/flight) system to match your current freed state so you do not get triggered by things that are no longer viewed as life/death by your nervous system.  The limbic adjustment alone has been incredibly healing for dozens of people who have experienced that healing independently of The fRed Pill. 

-Also you will receive a full body healing to incorporate all these steps so it flows and releases with grace and ease!!!

  All these steps are done in one setting to maximize the experience.  There have been many experiences from this that have shifted peoples lives and allowed them to manifest what they thought was impossible.  A very small percent have experienced fears after the healing.  If this happens, please contact me so we can adjust the follow up healing to fully incorporate the total healing at no extra charge. 

 Sometimes our higher self wants the shift, but our body can be a little hesitant.  I only had 2 people that wanted to revert back and take the "Blue Pill".  This healing can be undone, and for those 2 people it happened at a time when they thought they were ready and realized it wasn't the best time for them. This will not be for everyone as we all have chosen different paths to experience at this time on Earth.  If this resonates with you.... you are ready!

So when you are ready for The fRed Pill let me know so you can start the process of removing yourself from the matrix. You can start to create what you want in life and not just recreate what your unconscious believes to be true based on your past. The healing takes place during your Theta sleep cycles, so when you wake up the next morning you will be more of the observer in your life.

The way to start this will be to send your investment/co-pay of $111 via PayPal ( or Venmo (@Frederick-Salzman) along with your name and contact info.  I will be performing these healings every few days and I will notify you when your healing is complete and what if anything was witnessed that you may need to know.  You owe it to your higher self, to your soul, to your family and to humanity to experience what you TRULY are!!!  


 If you have any questions or would like to send payment via check, please contact me at, or via my cell at 443-745-1708.  I would hesitate to use the contact form on this site, many messages have not historically been delivered in a timely fashion.